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Robbie Frank is the owner of Reflections Film LLC.

He has run the company since 2014 and has helped a number of small and medium sized businesses across the tri-state area grow through the use of digital advertising.

In 2015 Robbie wrote, directed, and edited a short film

streaming on Amazon Prime Video titled Reflections
In 2021 Robbie released his viral travel series "Robbie Backpacking"

Holidays Around the World onto YouTube and Amazon Prime.

Robbie has worked on over 40 different Hollywood

feature films and television programs, specializing as a focus puller and camera assistant within the camera department.

His Credits include . . .
1) "
Hello, Tomorrow" (S1) Apple TV+ (Camera Loader)

2) "American Horror Story" (S11) FX (2nd AC)

3) "Blue Light" Feature Film (coming 2023) 1st AC

4) "Hondo" (S1) based on Fallout Video Game 1st AC, Volume Team

5)  "Power"  (S1, S2, S3) Starz  - (Camera loader)

6) "Billions" (S1 + S2) Showtime  - (Camera Loader)
7)  "Happy!" (S2) Netflix (Camera Loader)

8) "NYC Auto Show" (2016) - Camera Operator

9) "Masters of None" (S2) Netflix - (Camera Loader)5)
10) "
Blue Bloods" (S6/S7) CBS - (Camera Loader)

11) "The Bleeder" Feature Film (Camera Loader)

12) "Sleeping With Other People" Feature Film - (Camera PA)

13) "The Wizard of Lies" (Mini-Series) HBO - (Camera Loader)

14)  Little Boxes" Feature Film (Netflix) -  (Camera Loader) 

15) "Broad City" (S1) Comedy Central - (Set PA)

16) "Nerve" (Feature Film) - (Camera Loader)

17) "Undrafted" (NFL Network) - (Production Assistant)

18) "Mr. Robot" (S1) USA - (Production Assistant)

19) "Brain Games" (S2) National Geographic - G/E PA

20) "The Black List" (S2) NBC -(Production Assistant)
21) "Madwell Rockport" (Commercial) - 2nd A

22) "Bull" (S3) CBS - 3D Virtual Reality Camera Operator

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Body: Canon 5D Mark 3
Canon L Series Lenses
Rifa Lowel 3 Point Lighting + Gels
Softbox for Rifa Lowels
Directing my film Reflections
Zoom H4N External Recorder
Sennheiser Wireless Lav Microphone
RODE NTG2 Boom Mic + Stand + Pole
Boom Stand and Pole
Konovo 3 Foot Slider
Konovo 3 Foot Slider
DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal
GoPro Hero 4
Robbie operating with shoulder rig
Customizable Shoulder Rig
NY Auto Show 2016
Handle for smooth pans and tilts
Manfrotto Tripod Head
Manfrotto Tripod legs
Holidays Around World 16 X 9.jpg
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